I felt that I was in great shape when I first walked through the Pilate Studio doors 3 years ago. I had been lifting weights, working with a trainer and doing lots of cardio. I was strong but I was not very flexible. Lifting heavy weights and not stretching as I should have, was taking a toll on my body. This is where Amy and her teaching of Pilates taught me that being strong and being strong in the core were two different things. Thanks Amy – you have truly changed my view, my body and me – to the core.

-Barb D.


I’ve been active all my life.  Due to a couple of injuries, I began being able to do less and less physical activity.  I tried chiropractic care and physical therapy-they helped, but I still wasn’t able to get out and do much physical activity.  I had lost muscle mass and I suffered from daily pain.  I became resigned to the fact that this was just part of the aging process.  I happened to be visiting with a friend and when she heard about my problems she told me, “You need to go see my Pilates instructor, Amy — she changed my life.” My friend has had back, rotator cuff and knee issues.  I thought, why not?  I certainly didn’t have anything to lose.  I went in and started my sessions.  Within a few weeks, I realized that I was actually making progress and getting better!  I’ve continued to improve.  I’ve been able to start weightlifting again and the biggest accomplishment is that I’m to the point where it looks like I can go back to running.  Pilates has totally improved my balance, coordination and core strength.  Four months ago I would have laughed if someone told me I would be able to do the things that I’m doing now.  My husband saw the dramatic change Pilates had made in my life and thought that maybe he should investigate—he is now a regular client of Amy’s and seeing results of his own!  Amy’s expertise in working with all of our different physical limitations is amazing!  I am now the one that is sharing that “Amy changed my life!”

-Charcie M.


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