Getting Started

What is Pilates? Pilates is a mind-body fitness regime designed to improve strength, flexibility and balance. It is a full body workout that focuses on the muscles of the abdomen, back and hips. Pilates exercises are about precision of movement rather than number of repetitions.

Who can do Pilates and what type of class is best? Pilates is appropriate for everyone, from the unconditioned or injured to professional athletes. Most classes are designed to accommodate different ability levels. However, we recommend starting with a private session before moving on to a group class so that you and your Pilates teacher can determine your individual needs and goals.

How often should I practice and how long is a class? Taking classes two to three times a week is ideal to see the benefits of Pilates. If you choose to take a Pilates class once a week your instructor will encourage you to add a home mat workout once or twice a week. Sessions are 55 minutes in length.

When will I be able to see results? Most Pilates practitioners feel the results before they see them. In fact, even after the first session, many people say they feel more relaxed yet energized. Although everyone is different, most people will see results in four to six weeks.

What should I wear? Comfortable exercise clothing that isn’t too loose fitting yet allows for full range of motion is best. Socks or bare feet are acceptable.

What should I expect at my first session? You and your trainer will discuss your goals, injuries and/or any special issues you may have. You will begin to learn the basics of Pilates breathing, movement and technique. You will also be introduced to the different Pilates apparatus. Your teacher will assess your posture as well as your movement patterns. This will enable him/her to make a recommendation, at the end of the session, as to what class would meet your individual needs and goals. As your sessions progress, so will your technique, core strength and stability as well as your mind-body awareness.


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