Special Sessions

Pilates for Parkinson’s Disease

Small group classes in a supportive and save environment. Sessions utilize mat and equipment. $10/class.¬†Owner/Instructor, Amy Hull, is a certified Master Pilates Instructor and has completed OHSU’s Exercise Integration: From Clinic to Community for Parkinson’s.¬†

Pilates for Golfers

Increase Flexibility, Muscle Control and Overall Core Strength for better balance throughout your swing. Hit further and with more accuracy.

Create Better Posture and Awareness for the right spine angle through-out the swing and follow-through reducing lower back and shoulder strain.

Correct Muscle Imbalances to reduce the risk of injury that can occur due to the one-sided nature of golf

Enhance Clear Thinking and stay sharp by utilizing proper breathing methods.

Increase Endurance for that long back nine or a back-to-back round of eighteen.

Improve Range of Motion and Rotation for greater momentum and energy on your swing.


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